The Talk - Hosts React to Racist Rant in NYC: 'evil,' 'disgusting,' 'we've got to be better'

Credit: CBS
Published on May 17, 2018 - Duration: 02:13s

A man, believed to be a lawyer, in NYC is caught on camera going off on people for speaking Spanish, declaring, "I pay for their welfare!"

The hosts react to this racism, with Sharon Osbourne saying, "I didn't know that America had a king, but here he is... he pays for this, he pays for that.

You're evil, whatever your name is; you are evil."

Eve adds, "That was terrible.

I can't believe that anger coming out of him... it's disgusting."

Sheryl Underwood jokes, "I think he was stupid to talk to the people that was making his food like that!"

She continues, "We got to be better as Americans, that when that type of bigotry and anger and racism comes out, we as Americans stand up and go, 'We are not having that today."' Sara Gilbert summarizes, "There is one word he can say to his lawyering, which is, adios."

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