Puppy Death On United Flight Prompts Agency Probe

Wochit - Wednesday, 14 March 2018

On Wednesday, United Airlines faced fresh backlash.

A puppy died in-flight after a cabin attendant ordered it stowed in an overhead bin. The U.S.

Department of Transportation said it was examining the events that led to the French bulldogโ€™s death. U.S.

Senator John Kennedy earlier on Wednesday sent a letter to United Airlines President Scott Kirby demanding information on the high number of animals that have died in the carrierโ€™s care.

He wrote on Twitter that he planned to file a bill on Thursday that would prohibit airlines from putting animals in overhead bins. Kennedy, in his letter, said Unitedโ€™s โ€œpattern of animal deaths and injuries is simply inexcusable.โ€ He cited figures from the Transportation Department that of the 24 animals that died on U.S. carriers last year, 18 were on United flights..

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