Hindus, Muslims celebrate Muharram in Hubli village

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Published on October 9, 2017 - Duration: 02:42s

Hindus, Muslims celebrate Muharram in Hubli village

Hubli (Karnataka), Oct 09 (ANI): Several children got themselves painted with red, black and bright yellow colour so as to be a part of the “Huli Kunita” tradition, which is basically a tiger dance observed on Muharram.

This was the scene in Nagashettikop village in the Hubli city of Karnataka.

The village has very less number of Muslims families and thus Hindus actively take part in all the Muslim festivals.

Every year the Hindu families here, worship the Panja for a week and then on the day of Muharram, a procession is taken out in which “Panja” is carried over the burning coal.

The occasion also witnesses their paying visit to each house, where the family member worships the panja and then seeks for its blessing.

Small children painted as "tigers” also takes its blessing and it is believed that those who did this, gets their wishes fulfilled.

The way in which one community has shown its regard for the faiths of other community strengthens the secular fabric of our country.

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