More Misery for May - as EU Refuses to Budge on Brexit

Credit: One News Page Staff- Published on December 15, 2018
by ๐Ÿ‘จโ€๐Ÿ’ป Simon Baxendale

Currently balancing an unpopular deal over Brexit, UK Prime Minister Theresa May has had something of a dramatic week. Having chosen to postpone a meaningful vote between British MPs over whether or not her Brexit proposition would be worthwhile for the nation to undertake, the PM faced a vote of no confidence having come under severe scrutiny from her own party. Despite such a challenge being launched, May managed to survive the vote with a majority of 200 MPs backing her to continue to lead the country. However, it remains apparent that MPs will still need some assurance over what has become known as the ‘backstop issue’.

Problems regarding where Northern and Southern Irish borders lie following Brexit have plagued talks in recent months, with May’s recent deal suggesting that there may need to be some indefinite ties retaining with the European Union for certain levels to be kept in place. However, these motions have not gone down well with certain MPs, nor with the DUP, who are currently propping up the Conservative government. As a result, the PM has been backwards and forwards to EU in an effort to try and find some form of confidence to offer back to her own MPs. However, as it emerged late in the week, the European Commission has advised that there will be no further negotiation on deals outlined.

EC President Jean-Claude Juncker, who has remained a regular voice for Europe during the various sagas of Brexit thus far, advised that clarifications may be possible, according to BBC News, but not renegotiations. As such, despite the PM seeking legal reassurance on what to do with Northern Ireland, it appears that a stalemate of sort continues with regard to what happens next.

EU tells May: No renegotiation - basta! [video]

May has postponed the Brexit vote to the chagrin of many MPs and some are concerned that pushing it to January will force a decision between her deal or no deal at all. Many are concerned that this is not fair process, and with advice recently having been given to suggest that Brexit can be cancelled completely, rumors continue to rattle along to suggest that the UK could remain in the EU instead. A second referendum has been suggested – but with May installed as PM for at least another year following her no confidence victory, it’s about as clear as custard as to quite where things will be heading next.

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Published on December 17, 2018 -  02:46
Brexit Founders on Backstop Solution to Irish Border Issue
Brexit is months away, and the U.K. and E.U. still haven't secured a clear roadmap for the future of the border between Ireland and Northern Ireland.

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