This Week in History: December 3rd - December 9th

Credit: One News Page Staff- Published on December 3, 2018
by 👨‍💻 Graham Pierrepoint

December is upon us – and while the weather may be getting colder, nothing stops our time machine from taking a trip down memory lane! Without further ado, let’s take a look at what the years and decades gone by have to teach us about where we’ve come from. Strap yourselves in and hold on tight!

December 3rd, 1989 – The Cold War Ends
One of the most striking moments in US and Russian diplomatic history – as the USSR’s Mikhail Gorbachev and US President George HW Bush declared the end of the Cold War between the two nations on this date. Bush has recently passed away at the age of 94.
Famous Birthday: Ozzy Osbourne (Musician – Black Sabbath), 70

December 4th, 1943 – US Baseball’s Civil Rights Moment
In a huge moment for civil rights, it was determined on this day that both black and white people may now be signed to play baseball.
Famous Birthday: Jeff Bridges (Actor), 69

December 5th, 2017 – Russia’s Olympic Ban
Following controversies and allegations over Russian athletes reportedly taking part in state-sponsored doping, it was decided this time last year that the nation’s stars would not be allowed to attend the then-upcoming Winter Olympic Games in South Korea.
Famous Birthday: Walt Disney (Legendary Animation Mogul), 1901 - 1966

December 6th, 1877 – Mary Had a Little Lamb
Thomas Edison – ever the one to make great leaps forward with inventions and innovations – record his voice for the first time on this day in 1877. He chose to recite ‘Mary Had a Little Lamb’.
Famous Birthday: Nick Park (Animator – Wallace and Gromit), 60

December 7th, 1979 – ‘Star Trek: The Motion Picture’ Releases
In the first of a long line of new cinematic adventures starring William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy as Captain Kirk and Mr Spock respectively, Star Trek headed to the big screen on this day almost 40 years ago.
Famous Birthday: Ellen Burstyn (Actor), 86

December 8th, 1966 – Nukes Banned in Space
In another piece of important US and Russian history, both the USA and the USSR signed an agreement on this day in 1966 to ban the use of nuclear weapons in outer space. It may sound bizarre now – but who knows what could have happened if the agreement hadn’t been signed?
Famous Birthday: Nicki Minaj (Musician), 36

December 9th, 1960 – ‘Coronation Street’ First Broadcast
It’s one of the world’s longest-running TV shows – and you can even see the soap opera running several times a week on British TV schedules to this day. Coronation Street – which still stars one of its original actors, William Roache – celebrates its 58th birthday this week.
Famous Birthday: Kirk Douglas (Hollywood Legend), 102

Join us for more time travelling this time next week!

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