Melania Trump's Choice of Wardrobe Is Causing a Stir - Again

Credit: One News Page Staff- Published on October 7, 2018
by 👩‍💻 Stephanie Boyd

If her US President husband Donald isn’t creating news for various reasons from outlet to outlet, it seems that the First Lady – Melania – is doing just the same, only with less words, it seems. While Mrs Trump has gone to great lengths to fulfil her duties as US ambassador visiting a number of different countries, dignitaries and the like, she had recently caused something of a stir in the press as a result of a coat she chose to wear while visiting a child detention center. At the height of the crisis over children being separated from their parents at the US border, Trump apparently chose to wear a coat with the slogan ‘I Really Don’t Care Do U?’ This move – though it’s not been discovered whether or not it was intentional – was lambasted by many as being insensitive given the news at the time.

This week, it appears that Mrs Trump has captured headlines once again with regard to her choice of wardrobe. The First Lady is currently on tour in Africa and, as part of her visit to the continent, she attended a safari in Nairobi, Africa – and it seems that her choice of headgear while on tour there turned a few heads. Trump attended the safari wearing a white pith helmet, headgear which was widely worn by colonial visitors to Africa and Asia over 100 years ago – bringing forth concerns of insensitivity once again. These explorer hats were often worn by those looking to colonize centuries ago – which has led to some concerns that they have become symbolic for ancient oppression.

First Lady: Under fire after wearing 'colonial' pith helmet in Kenya

The hats may occasionally be used by tourists who are unaware of the connotations – and it seems that Trump’s headwear this time around is causing social media ire. It wasn’t the only outfit that the First Lady chose to wear on her tour – though this was the only one which captured headlines. The move to wear the hat has brought forward concerns that there has been a lack of awareness of colonial history. However, it’s thought that there were no regulations with regard to clothing worn on this particular tour.

It seems that both Trumps are continuing to claim headlines for various reasons – and this time around, it’s the First Lady’s outfit, once again, that’s capturing interest from the masses. Was the move intentional? Who’s to say?

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Published on October 8, 2018 -  00:42
Twitter reacts to Melania Trump's bizarre Egypt outfit
Melania Trump once again kept social media entertained with her choice of outfit, this time in an oversized beige suit she wore in front of the pyramids, which is being compared to Michael Jackson and Lawrence of Arabia.

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