Elon Musk Faces New Copyright Suit.. Over a Farting Unicorn

Credit: One News Page Staff- Published on July 8, 2018
by 👨‍💻 Graham Pierrepoint

Elon Musk is hardly a stranger to the news – the outspoken and often unorthodox head of Tesla Motors and SpaceX has grabbed the media by the sensitive parts more than a few times over the past few months. Whether it’s by sending a Roadster to space or by laying down some harsh words for stock market analysts, there hardly seems to be a day that goes by without Musk making the news in one form or another. Tesla has been grabbing headlines for reasons with regard to its lack of profits in recent times – and while the company continues to tick over, Musk is keen to keep pushing the brand ahead. He even grabbed the headlines over an April Fools’ joke that suggested he and the firm had gone bankrupt – which, if reports are to be believed, didn’t sit too well with the stock exchange at the time!

Musk is grabbing the media headspace currently for reasons relating to a copyright claim – and it all surrounds a farting unicorn. Yes – you read correct. If you didn’t think the world of Elon Musk could get any more left-of-field, you haven’t reckoned for this latest nugget. Musk reportedly tweeted a photo of a mug made by potter Tom Edwards, of Colorado, US, which featured a unicorn farting in order to create power. In fact, Musk referred to the design as his ‘favorite mug ever’ – which, as you’d expect, caused something of a viral stir.

Farting Unicorn Sparks Legal Battle Between Local Artist And Elon Musk

However, what is suggested to be Musk’s own version of the farting unicorn appears to not only have been copied to show off the sketchpad feature of new Tesla models, but also in the form of icons in Tesla’s operating system – and, on top of this, it appears it may even have been used as part of a company Christmas card. To say that Edwards has mixed feelings is to put it mildly – while he seems grateful that it’s part of Tesla’s branding now, he requests that the firm “pay (him) adequately for it(s use)”. Musk, however, has responded rather bluntly – suggesting via Twitter that the creator should be grateful, in fact, for the attention his work is receiving – according to The Guardian.

Quite where the matter of compensation and fair use will end remains to be seen in this case – but if you see a farting unicorn, chances are, it belongs to Tom Edwards.

Tesla Used Artist's Work Without Permission And Elon Musk Was Rude About It

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