Portland Police Declare Unlawful Assembly During Protest

Credit: Newsmax- Published on August 2, 2020
The Portland Police Bureau declared an unlawful assembly Saturday night when people gathered outside a police precinct in Oregon's largest city and threw bottles towards officers, police said.Until that point, federal, state and local law enforcement had been seemingly...

Video credit: Newsflare
Published on August 3, 2020 -  02:02
US police officer claims he is a lawmaker when dispersing protesters in Omaha, Nebraska
A commanding officer from Omaha police in Nebraska claimed he was a lawmaker when attempting to disperse peaceful protesters on July 25. Footage shows a verbal altercation between the officer and the protesters. One protester asks the officer "why can't I observe here?" to which he retorts "because I don't want you here, period!" The questioning protester continues with "are you the lawmaker?" He responds claiming "yes I am actually!" The group of protesters are then forced further back by the officer's colleagues. After being ushered away by the police cordon another officer claims that the protesters who had violated the law lose their first amendment rights, which is heavily objected by filmer Lauren Garcia. Garcia told Newsflare: "Officers kettled approximately 120 protesters on a bridge and arrested each one. "They detained minors for hours and others were kept in jails with deplorable conditions. "Officers pushed back those observing the arrests multiple times and threatened to arrest them for observing police from a safe distance - a constitutional right."

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