Polls Suggest the Majority of UK Citizens Now Want to Stay in the European Union

Credit: One News Page Staff- Published on December 23, 2018
by 👩‍💻 Stephanie Boyd

Yes – if there’s been a story this year which has captured more headlines in the British press than any other, it’s been the ongoing turmoil of Brexit. The UK opting to leave the European Union on a referendum result of a 52% majority has appeared to result in a long and drawn-out process involving all manner of legal and global entanglement. For one, Prime Minister Theresa May’s job has been directly on the line in recent times – and it is still not clear whether or not the UK will actually leave with a deal at all, protecting any kind of trade. As a result, talk of stockpiling is ramping up – while calls for a second referendum to be held following the very public handling of Brexit grow by the day. May and others, however, have continued to defy launching a second Brexit vote as a result of the will of the people being threatened.

However, according to a recent YouGov survey, there is now a significant change in the sway between ‘remain’ and ‘leave’ – should the Brexit referendum be held all over again. Current stats show that those polled would prefer to remain by an 18% majority, meaning that the split now sits in remain’s favor at 59-41. It’s a dramatic turnaround – which will likely be attributed to the very public chaos, as well as mixed messages, which have been reverberating since Brexit negotiations first took to the table. Furthermore, around 10 million people of around 17 million who voted leave in the original referendum would back government plans for Brexit – meaning that there appears to be dissent growing in leave voters, according to The Guardian.

Take a look at the latest figures behind Brexit [video]

Brexit continues to be an immensely complex and tangled matter which has no other precedent. The negotiations and processes on display in the daily press have never been attempted before – which may go some way to explain why there appears to have been so much calamity in getting the divorce finalized. However, it must be argued that there have been a number of moments where the UK government has fumbled the ball, so to speak – meaning that a more than bitter taste has been left in many voters’ mouths.

Brexit also continues to be an unknown beast? Where will UK citizens stand in March 2019? That – as always – remains frustratingly unclear.

Britain Removes Word 'Unlikely' From No-Deal Brexit Guidance [video]

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