New Study Suggests Black Holes Could 'Erase Your Past'

Credit: One News Page Staff- Published on January 3, 2019
by 👩‍💻 Alice Monroe

If there’s anything that’s been mystifying astronomers for decades upon decades now, it’s the black hole. Black holes are mysterious rifts in space where, it’s presumed, there’s simply no coming back from once you’re sucked in. Theories abound suggest that you will be transported to a zone known as the singularity – but any way you look at things, the general consensus has been that getting pulled into a black hole is pretty much the be-all and end-all for you. Copious journals and studies have tried to put some science behind the mystery, and leading figures such as the late Professor Stephen Hawking have dedicated much of their lives and work to trying to untangle the seemingly untangleable puzzle.

However, a recent study appears to suggest that there may be hidden depths to black holes the likes of which we haven’t previously considered. Physicist Peter Hintz for Berkley University has proposed that there may be a chance of a human being loosening themselves from the shackles of physical laws if they head into a black hole – and what’s more, they may even survive the trip!

Time Travel? Black Holes Might Send Matter They Suck Up Into The Future [video]

A theory known as cosmic censorship suggests a distinction between our laws of physics – such as gravity – and the complete lack of laws in black holes. This essentially means that, somewhere in between, there is a deep, hypothetical barrier in place, keeping the two zones, or realms, separate. By applying the cosmic censorship theory to hypothetical black hole models, Hintz and his team have been able to devise a model which suggests that the pull and push between a black hole and our physical realm could create an entirely new zone. Bizarrely, it’s suggested that this new zone could remove travellers from their past and future – as the laws of physics and time as we know it would no longer be applicable.

In short, the study hypothesizes that anyone who dares to travel into a black hole could well survive – and as a result, they may become a timeless, boundless entity free from the shackles of past, present and future. While it’s hardly recommended that anyone dare try to voyage into a black hole any time soon to find out, it is fascinating that there are still so many studies ongoing surrounding the mysterious portals. Who knows if we will ever know the truth?

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Published on January 4, 2019 -  01:41
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