Stephen Colbert can't get enough of a genius, accidentally viral plan to troll Trump

Credit: Mashable- Published on August 16, 2019
Like you, Stephen Colbert has had just about enough of this bleak news cycle: death, destruction, a racist president, and terrifying temperature records, and as he explains here, a 50/50 chance of a recession! Yay!

So you can't blame him for wanting to start Thursday night's show with a fun story: a petition that started as a...

Video credit: Veuer
Published on August 15, 2019 -  00:53
'The Quick Answer Is No' : Stephen Colbert On The Chances Of Trump Appearing on โ€˜The Late Showโ€™ Again
If you think โ€˜The Late Showโ€™ host Stephen Colbert will ever have President Trump back on the show againโ€ฆ..the answer is no. Veuerโ€™s Mercer Morrison has the story.

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