SCO-NSA Meet: Ajit Doval Calls Terrorism Most Serious Threat To International Peace, Security

Credit: Zee News- Published on March 29, 2023
"Any act of terrorism, regardless of its motivation, is unjustifiable," NSA Doval said during his opening remarks at the 18th meeting of the Secretaries of Security Council of SCO member states.

Video credit: Rumble
Published on March 31, 2023 -  30:04
NIGHT SHADOWS 03302023 -- Final Stages of the America-Babylon Coup with an Indictment of Trump
America-Babylon has entered the final stages of a Communist run coup with the indictment of former President Trump, and calls for taking to the streets to protest and now coming from conservative leaders, and is exactly what the global deep state wants so martial law can be declared and once brought in will never be taken away - (remember we are still under FEMA because Trump placed us under FEMA and it has never been revoked). Homeland Security and NDAA act have already placed America under what could be called "silent" martial law, but it will soon be in the open for "national security reasons" and that may invoke UN occupation under article 7 of the UN Charter because of a "threat" to international peace and security, as the Bible said would happen.ย 

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