Allocation of additional funds exposes BJP claim about MGNREGA: Congress

Credit: IndiaTimes- Published 3 weeks ago
With the Centre sanctioning additional funds for job creation under the MGNREGA, the UP Congress on Sunday said the BJP has been exposed about its claim regarding the scheme, once dubbed as a 'living monument' of poverty by PM Narendra Modi.

Video credit: ANI
Published 3 weeks ago -  01:32
Rahul Gandhi requests PM Modi to reconsider economic package
Reacting on Prime Minister Narendra Modi's economic announcements of Rs 20 lakh crore COVID-19 economic package, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on May 16 said that today our poor people need money, I am requesting PM Modi that he should reconsider this package. "He should consider direct bank transfer, MGNREGA for 200 days and money to farmers directly, as these people are our future," he added.

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