Moon is much older than previously thought: Study

Credit: DNA- Published on July 30, 2019
Earlier research had estimated the Moon to have formed approximately 150 million years after solar system's formation.

Video credit: Wibbitz Studio
Published on July 30, 2019 -  01:17
The Moon Is Much Older Than Previously Believed
The Moon Is Much Older Than Previously Believed A new report that observed the moon's rocks says the astronomical body formed 50 million years after the solar system's creation. That is 100 million years older than previous reports, making the moon 4.51 billion years old. Samples of the moon were studied at the Institute of Geology and Mineralogy. It is believed the moon was created after the Earth was struck by a huge space formation. Pieces of the Earth then drifted off into space and formed our closest neighbor in orbit. Large amounts of magma are believed to have existed on the moon's surface before it cooled and became what it is today. Thanks to a long period of inactiveness, chemical samples of the moon can deliver a clearer picture into how it came to be. Study co-author Peter Sprung, via 'The Independent'

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