Obese teens' quality of life improves after weight loss surgery

Credit: Reuters India- Published 3 weeks ago
(Reuters Health) - Obese teens who have surgery to lose weight report better quality of life, less joint pain and fewer physical limitations after their operations than before, a new study suggests.

Credit: Barcroft TV
Published 3 weeks ago -  07:20
I Lost 188lbs – Now I’m Losing My Excess Skin | BRAND NEW ME
A DRAMATIC weight loss transformation has changed the life of a woman who was once so big she could “barely move”. Wendy Miller, of Loves Park, Illinois, weighed 430 pounds at her largest, but after losing 188 pounds, she was left with an incredible amount of excess skin. The stay-at-home mum underwent her first skin removal procedure this year and is now down an incredible 220 pounds. Wendy told Barcroft Studios: “In the beginning I never thought I could have lost this much weight. At my largest I could hardly move. I just didn’t want to be alive.” Wendy credits her family and friends with helping her turn her life around, particularly fellow weight-loss warrior Tina Jacobs, who became an irreplaceable support for Wendy. But even with Tina’s support, it wasn’t an easy road for Wendy, who had established long-standing unhealthy eating habits. She explained: “At 430 pounds on a typical day of eating I would eat pancakes or waffles for breakfast and I would also eat candies and cookies and processed boxed meals in extremely huge quantities.” Wendy’s weight began to drop in 2015 and since then, she has had ups and downs, gaining weight back and losing it again. Unfortunately, the massive weight loss left Wendy with a large amount of excess skin, which made everyday life very difficult. “Having excess skin is really debilitating,” she explained. “You feel trapped, encased.” This year Wendy underwent her first procedure to remove the loose skin around her stomach, and the results have been life-changing. The four-hour surgery removed 10 pounds of skin and meant Wendy could finally lead a more normal life. “I can do so much more now,” she said. “I can wear sexier clothes. I can wear shorts or shirts. I can see parts of me that I have never been able to see before, which is a big deal.”

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