The New Avengers Trailer Has Landed - What Are The Critics Saying?

Tuesday, 5 December 2017
by Graham Pierrepoint -

These days, a trailer release seems to hold more weight than the release of a movie itself – and there are few movies outside of the next in Marvel’s canon that achieve such anticipation. With Black Panther due to hit theaters in early 2018, a trailer for the next instalment in the cinematic universe – Avengers : Infinity War – has landed, with many industry critics making big opinions known on some of the preview’s most interesting moments. The good part is that most of it is positive – though some are less than keen on the resident villain of the piece, Thanos, according to a Rotten Tomatoes Editorial.

Critics on behalf of Collider and Empire Magazine wrote glowingly about the preview cut, seemingly giddy about the third instalment in the league of superheroes movies, following on from 2016’s box office dominating Civil War (which, despite being a Captain America movie in title, largely featured Avengers cast members in full flow). The latest instalment in the Avengers line will see all manner of cast members brought in to face off against the colossal threat of Thanos – with the likes of Captain America, The Hulk, Thor, Black Widow, Spider-Man, Black Shadow, Doctor Strange and – of course – Iron Man – banding together in what will promise to be an epic battle of proportions we’ve barely seen before. The Guardians of the Galaxy team, too, are set to appear – so a stinger tells us at the end of the main trailer.

Avengers: Infinity War Official Trailer (Marvel Entertainment)

Due to arrive in May 2018, it seems that the movie is already creating considerable buzz, even if opinion is rather divided over its main villain. “It should tide fans over for at least the next couple months,” states Matt Goldberg of Collider, referring to the trailer. Twitter has largely reacted positively to the preview, with only a few people – such as critics for both IndieWire and The Film Stage – pointing out that the odd appearance of Thanos fails to impress. Regardless of the look that the main villain is plumping for, it certainly seems that this latest adventure in the Marvel line will turn a few heads – and generate more than a few box office dollars – upon its ascension to theaters next spring. Originally conceived as a two-parter, the emergence of Infinity War so soon may be surprising – and it promises to be an epic instalment in the cinematic universe like no other we’ve seen before.

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