If You Like To Visit PornHub, You Really Should Check Your Device For Malware

Wochit Headline News - Wednesday, 11 October 2017  (2 weeks ago)
Surfers who have been visiting PornHub could have been hit by a major ‘malvertising’ campaign. According to TechRadar, the campaign has been underway for over a year now. The malvertising strain in question is called Kovter, which is malware that fraudulently generates money by clicking on ads running stealthily in the background. The browser user is unaware that anything is going on, and infected the victim’s system by posing as fake updates for popular browsers including Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and Edge. To the user, the ads looked like they were either offering ‘critical’ updates for the browser itself, or for software such as Adobe Flash. This particular avenue of attack has now been shut down by PornHub and Traffic Junky, but not before millions of surfers have already been hit.

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