Google Android Is Set To Get 'Smarter' With Bluetooth Devices

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

by Graham Pierrepoint -

Bluetooth has been around for some time – and, as such, it is still widely used as one of the most seamless ways to wirelessly connect certain devices to other devices. For example – you may want to connect your tablet, TV or otherwise to a pair of wireless headphones – and with the magic of Bluetooth technology, you can listen to your devices without the need for wires. It’s technology which has been around since before the smartphone boom – allowing phone users to wirelessly share data via the air. While Bluetooth may be here to stay for the foreseeable, there is one issue that some Google Android users have been crying out for – and Google may well be about to start looking into it.


Bluetooth devices such as wireless headphones still rely on a form of battery power – and it is largely difficult to check just how much battery life is left on your headphones without taking them off to look, or without a voice prompt advising you of low battery. While some devices such as iPads and other Android standards can give something of a rough idea as to how much life is left in your cans, for example, Google devices so far leave you largely in the dark – but thanks to moves allegedly set to be made by the Android Open Source Project, users could start seeing the battery lives of their connected Bluetooth products in potential future hardware rolled out by the firm. Some media outlets refer to this supposed intention as Google playing ‘catch-up’ – and the fact that many Android and Apple devices already carry this functionality already makes it clear that the writing is on the wall for Google phones and tablets that fail to report such matters,

Google’s Pixel smartphone was well-received – and it is suggested that their next hardware will do away with the headphone jack entirely – meaning that detailed Bluetooth reporting could well be on the cards. With other devices that are up-and-coming reportedly waving goodbye to the age-old port, it could be time for more of us to start investing in Bluetooth headphones to ensure that we can continue listening to our favorite music and watching our favorite movies. For now, however, those using Bluetooth with a Google phone will have to continue playing the guessing game – at least until further notice and news is provided!

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